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Marrekech airport

Our flight

In Heathrow - our 747 that takes us home to the USA

The "lost" bag that had all of our purchases. It traveled to...

We have fantastic memories of Greece...

...and Morocco.

It's nice to be home

We left Marrakech on Sunday night (May 20). The flights got increasingly better, but if you can avoid having to change airports in London (Gatwick to Heathrow), do so! We got into Gatwick from Marrakech at 1:00 AM, after Anne coughed continuously all the way, wearing her mask which did not comfort her fellow passengers. Our suitcase with everything we had bought did not show up. Then the bus between airports did not run during the night, so we took a cab to Heathrow, where we could not check in until about 6:30 AM, so we had to sleep on benches with all of our remaining luggage in tow. Finally, we took off for New York on a real British Airways flight (not a subsidiary) and enjoyed personal TV and movies of our choice at our seats (even in coach). In New York, after calling our doctor to get an appointment for each of us as soon as possible (Wednesday), we boarded JetBlue and flew home, taking a cab to our house. It was not long before we fell into bed and slept 12 hours. We both had bronchitis, and are feeling better after a course of antibiotics. Our suitcase had been mistakenly picked up by a Mr. Anderson from New Zealand, whose bag remained on the carousel, but it was exchanged by him and finally arrived here on Thursday, after a tour of the USA.

All in all, this trip was a true adventure (not a leisure tour), and we have seen so much and done so much that it will take awhile to sort out in our minds! For the next year, we plan to be either home or in our RV, and will keep you posted on our RV trips to Nova Scotia in September and Florida in January. Thank you all for accompanying us!

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