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Howdy All,

I am working on setting up my trip website, and figured I'd use it as an opportunity to introduce you to my trip, my itinerary, and my website. Let's see how well this works.

So, I leave on August 9th for what will be a 6.5 month trip around the world. I have purchased an "around the world" ticket through Northwest/KLM, which allows me to fly to up to 15 places using no more than 40,000 miles of air travel. Based on the itinerary posted on this website, I have used all but 120 miles of my 40,000 mile allotment. For a geographic reference, you can look at the maps that are listed below the world map on the homepage.

I have been planning out this trip for a few months now, most of that having occurred since I officially left Predator Conservation Alliance on June 18th. I now have 10 days before I take off, and am busy pulling things together. As my friend Bob said to me on the seven day backpacking trip we just finished, as long as I have my passport and credit card, I'm good to go. The rest, which is keeping me very busy, is icing on the cake.

So, I'll keep adding updates as I go, and would love to hear from you if and when you are inspired to write. And please consider coming to join me at any point along the way.

More soon, and onward!

Genghis Tom

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