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Sandy "not so Frosty" the Snowman

We've been in Florida for a week and we've finally gotten our last few items we need for our trip. It's been a little bit of an adjustment living out of a backpack but it's amazing to realize how little you really need. We started off with some bad luck!!Sisley's retainer broke but luckily, because we are in the States we were able to get her to an orthodontist to make a new one for her. (An unexpected expense on our meager daily budget, but a necessary one.) After our errands were done, we hit the beach for some fun in the sun! We head out to Miami on Friday or Saturday to make our flight to Suriname on Sunday. We can't wait to get to Suriname. We're eager to start out on our adventure.

So far we've seen dolphins, turtles, had a run-in with a corn snake while climbing Uncle Frank's tree and had the opportunity to watch the space shuttle launch from the back yard. We've watched a children's choir perform Christmas Carrols underneath the Banyon trees at Thomas Edison's estate and cruised along the canals in Uncle Frank's party pontoon boat with Sisley and Ethan at the helm.

Starting in Florida has been a great way to kick off our adventure as it has given us the opportunity to relax at the beach, catch up with family and finalize our itinerary before we jump into the jungle! Staying with Natalie, Richard and Bella has been great as they have been fantastic hosts, inviting us into their home and lives and showing us a great time! We have been invited to Christmas and Birthday parties, seen a play at the local Fort Myers Theater, and had wonderful Mexican food. Thanks again to the Porzio's for their wonderful hospitality and for putting up with us for 2 weeks.

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