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Fantastic huge campus on the shoreline of Horseshoe Bay Vancouver.

Met the rest of the group - now down to 27 plus driver - Megan. Several lost due to illness , training accidents etc. An international team with mostly Canadians and also members from the US, Australia & Britain. 1/3 are female (10 with our driver). Ages from 17 to 64 ( & Paul McCartney is now "When I'm 64"). First impressions is that it is a great group of enthusiastic cyclists wanting to explore this great country of ours - some of course a little more enthusiastic than most of us.

Full day on orientation for the trip. - all sorts of interesting information:

- Divided into galley crews of 4 or 5 - each crew takes turns making supper & breakfast

- You make your own lunch - sandwiches - lots of variety - peanut butter, peanut butter and raspberry jam , peanut butter & strawberry jam , peanut butter and grape jam or jam ..

- Supper menu is mainly pasta & more carbs & protein.

- Snorers are to place their tents downwind of all others

- Safety video on biking

- And other stuff on camp & biking routine

Spent any spare time in final packing of truck. Everyone gets a shelf with two laundry baskets for your spare clothes and everyone has a hockey bag type luggage to hold individual tent , sleeping bag etc., that goes on the floor of the truck.

We talk of the upcoming trip that should be an experience in many facets: history (development of Canada) , geology (from coastal mountains to rocky mountains, prairies, Canadian Shield and Atlantic Coast); contrast in development (the west, driven by railway & then towns & therefore long distance between towns versus the east that was driven first by roads then the railway and this the towns being relatively closer together); relatively newer architecture in the west ( Vancouver was almost totally destroyed by fire in the 1890s and Calgary & Edmonton relatively new cities) versus the several century old historically buildings throughout Ontario, Quebec & the Maritimes); and wide cultural variances.

I am looking forward to a great trek..

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