Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog

Aron at our restaurant

Our mystery dinner

Our modest accomodations, Black Beaver

Yes, that is a mirror

For sale in our room

On the

So, we made it to Japan.

Day 1: We arrived in the evening and took the train to Namba, one of the massive love hotel districts in Osaka. Apparently this industrial mecca is home to some of the best love hotels, and we were hoping our loose plans of wandering around in backpacks and finding accomodations at 10pm would work. We walked through the crazy, well lit street mall of Dontombori, found a spot for dinner, ordered something utterly nonsensical off the menu as Hillary totally forgot her Japanese, then headed off to find a place to stay. Just when things were looking hopeless we found Hotel Dormy Inn, offering us a single bed to share for 150 bucks. Aron said `we can do better!` and then right around the corner there were 2 love hotels. We picked the Black Beaver, the woman behind the counter helped us out, and we were set. Voila and only $40!

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