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Nov 7, 2005 by Joyce Courter
Re:  Happy Birthday, Buggy!

Hi Buggy & Lisy,
Hope you guys are well, wherever you are! :) Just wanted to give a shout out for Buggy's birthday...

I always luv coming to your website to catch up to see what you're up to...
...  (more...)
Oct 14, 2005 by Deborah Fairon
Re:  Marc's Hair

Where is it? To close to the Natives? :)
Oct 12, 2005 by Eric Fairon
Re:  Looks Awesome!!

Hi you guys,

Your pictures are absolutely awesome. Who is the photographer and who is doing the writing. Both are fun to look at and read. I am glad to hear you guys are doing great and having an ...  (more...)
Aug 5, 2005 by Shaun Anderson
Re:  your trip journal

you guys rock! just add a video camera and a small production crew and you get the marcnlisy travel show! great commentaries on the great photos. good journeys to you!
Aug 4, 2005 by Scott McLeod
Re:  Traveling the world

Never met your wife, but let me tell you something, KEEP traveling...The working world sucks.. Keep it up as long as you can. I took 4 years off from my job and just traveled and hung ...  (more...)
Aug 2, 2005 by Elsa Gil
Re:  Hi

Jul 20, 2005 by Sandy Galeski
Re:  Hello

Hi Guys,

It looks like you are having the time of your lives! I love the pictures, everything looks so beautiful and different over there. Thanks for sending them. Everything is still the same in San ...  (more...)
Jul 20, 2005 by Pete and Sheryl Cuevas
Re:  Marc & Lisy's excellent adventure!!

We love getting these updates and your travel site is awesome. Keep the pictures coming. Enjoy yourselves and have many more of those big beers! Take care and we will see you soon!!
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