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Jun 17, 2005 by David Young
Re:  Kirsty`s World Tour

Hello again,

thought that you had got lost as I hadn`t heard from you for so long.

I can see that you are still having a great time - please keep the photos coming as I enjoy flicking through them ...  (more...)
Jun 17, 2005 by Lisa Morrison
Re:  Hello!

Hi K,

hope u enjoying your last few days of your trip and that you are not making your mum do too many mad things!!

look forward to catching up when you are home.

take care

love Lxx
Jun 16, 2005 by Carol McNicol
Re:  hats

Hats were lovely and don't you know that black goes with anything! Nice dress by the way! Must have cost a "small" fortune!

Jun 16, 2005 by sarah cox
Re:  everything!

sooooooo jealous. makes me wonder what i've been doing with my time since argentina!
Jun 14, 2005 by kathleen paterson
Re:  peru

hello girls it looks as though you are having a great time and getting right into the local ways. Christine, The fall would not have done your back any good but just think of the hot baths when you ...  (more...)
Jun 13, 2005 by lynn PRIOR
Re:  mum falling

hehe still laughing(sorry mum) but its the way she tells it!
hope all well will speak soon
love lynn xxx
Jun 7, 2005 by Carol McNicol
Re:  chilly??

OK, so i did laugh but 15 isn't that warm esp if there is no sun. I laughed more in Vietnam tho when it was 38-40 degrees and you asked our wee driver to turn off the a/c while, for the next 30 mins - ...  (more...)
Jun 4, 2005 by David Pradas
Re:  Go on!!!

Vow.. I wish I could live it... all my love and support...

Hope to see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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