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Oct 4, 2018 by elise koonmen
Re:  trip

Finally reading about Chernobyl!! OMG - hilarious photo of your before & after! and how seriously hokey is that radiation detector!! LOL!!
Looks like a pretty dang cool part of your trip
Sep 28, 2018 by eve Knoll
Re:  IDs etc

Great to hear about the rest of the trip—particularly Chernobyl. Very interesting. Sad about the dogs. The flowers in question are trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans) which I know you’ve seen here. ...  (more...)
Sep 21, 2018 by elise koonmen
Re:  trip

I know you're still working on filling in the last few days - anxious to hear about Chernobyl!
Odessa looks lovely! I hope Jef enjoyed the cognac - or whatever they call it :)
Safe travels home!! and ...  (more...)
Sep 21, 2018 by eve Knoll
Re:  Suleiman

Great updates! Interesting tidbit—Suleiman the Magnificent’s tomb was recently discovered in Hungary. If you’d ever watch that show Expedition Unknown you too could’ve seen it! It’s a cool story! ...  (more...)
Sep 18, 2018 by elise koonmen
Re:  trip

the winery sounds really cool and glad you bought some wine. Was going to ask if it was decent but we have different tastes in wine anyway - lol!
Sep 18, 2018 by elise koonmen
Re:  trip

breakfast story very funny! and the hotel rooms / lack of a.c. - lol! it all sounds so very soviet...
Sep 18, 2018 by elise koonmen
Re:  trip

I'm getting caught up on your days but thought I'd leave messages as I go along so I don't forget stuff :)
So...I watched the YouTube video...oy, so painful! But you are right that Grandma hasn't ...  (more...)
Sep 18, 2018 by eve Knoll
Re:  Pic

LOVE the arty pic of the old monk! Super cool and you should frame it! Are you buying anything? Will you ever look at polenta again? Hmmm.
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