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Jul 6, 2005 by Robbie Melkevik
Re:  Hope you are having fun!

Im glad you are having a great time! Nice Photos! I will be in Shetland 3 of August. I will see you in Shetland when you get back! Have fun!
May 4, 2005 by kester wigram
Re:  School

Hi Anne,
I'm a maths probationer at Brae High School, English S-grade today.
Activities week and the summer holidays coming up

Glad that you are having a whale of a time
Haere Mai
Te motu
May 3, 2005 by Wendy Mackney-Mills
Re:  Fabulous Adventures!!

Hi there,
It's great to know that you are having a wonderful time, exploring everywhere and that you are still alive and kicking.
If you have time/inclination go up to the Able Tasmin National ...  (more...)
May 2, 2005 by Aileen Cartney
Re:  Blimey! You're alive!

Mega long time, no hear! So glad you're having a ball! We're writing report cards! Wish you were here?! Anyway, now I have a means of contact, will e-mail again soon! Keep having fun, but don't bring ...  (more...)
Apr 28, 2005 by Margo Eliza Mouat
Re:  jeudi 28 avril 2005 6.30pm

I've looked at all your photos of beautiful beaches and mountains. I only saw one picture of you and said to my Mam : C'est pas Anne !
Grand-father, Granny and uncle George are coming for tea ...  (more...)
Apr 9, 2005 by audrey thomson
Re:  Skytower jumt

Hi Anne, Just to say that i hope you will jump off the skytower as i did. Its amazing, the second times much better!!!!! Happy Travelling. Great to see your pics. x
Apr 6, 2005 by Jean Garriock
Re:  Journal

Hi Anne, Think the journal is a great idea.
Love Jean xx