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Jun 3, 2006 by Peg Bauer
Re:  decision

We are in our late 60s and thinking about going on the road full time. We have only been rving for 1 year so are really new at this but love it. How did you make your decision? What did you do with ...  (more...)
Mar 12, 2006 by John Grote
Re:  Your trip

Having helped build the Alaska Pipeline back some thirty plus years ago it was nice to see it was still there and that there are some people out there that are doing what my wife and I plan to do when ...  (more...)
Mar 3, 2006 by James Bologna
Re:  Alaska Trip

Bob and Audrey Munro sent me to your Alaska trip site - It's a trip that I hope to do some day. I worked with Audrey and am envious - but then I've got about 20 more years to retirement.

Thanks for ...  (more...)
Feb 1, 2006 by Carol Wells
Re:  Your Trip Journal

Please keep me on the mailing list for your journal. I love the adventures and the gorgeous pictures. It makes me feel like a very small person, in fact a pocket peanut, that tucks into your shirt ...  (more...)
Feb 1, 2006 by John & Janet Colby
Re:  your website

We are impressed with your website and lifestyle! Much happiness to you in 2006 You have an ambitious itinerary. We'll check back to see your progress. John & Jan
Jan 31, 2006 by Mary Russell
Re:  Staying on the distribution

Oh my, yes - I wouldn't want to miss any of your beautiful photo chronicles of this lovely journey! I continue to share your info (and sometimes a fine photo or two) with other TA friends.

Safe ...  (more...)
Dec 29, 2005 by Barbara Weisser
Re:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Toller and I have been looking at your website. Gorgeous pictures! Will write a snail mail letter since Toller and his computer leave tomorrow. Thank you so much for your Christmas letter. The email ...  (more...)
Dec 18, 2005 by Dick H
Re:  Grand Canyon

What a marvelous set of pictures from your visit to the Grand Canyon. Truly remarkable photography from a fabulous location -especially at this time of the year. The last photo in the series is ...  (more...)
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