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7 Aug 2006 by clinton the great
Re:  travels

Hey fella,
It has been a while since i flicked off an email but it sounds like you are still having a blest. Good for both of you that korina has landed a good job and with it a car...nice.
I have ...  (more...)
20 Apr 2006 by Kendall North
Re:  Website

Hey Korina and Chris Awesome to see all your photos! great procrastination when In am supposed to be working!
13 Apr 2006 by Glory Hole
Re:  Antics

Hey bro,
Great to see that you still managing to get out and about and not scared to mix it with the locals... Just back for aussie, went to melbourne for my exams and passed!! Thank god 10 months ...  (more...)
10 Apr 2006 by Hannah Greenwood
Re:  stuff

Hey Chris, glad to hear that life is ticking along nicely for you and that you are out enjoying it. Does sound like you are just busy enough. I guess you have had no time to miss me much!! ho hum! No ...  (more...)
20 Nov 2005 by Jessica Thomas
Re:  Your site

Hurry up and update this site, I want to see some more pics!!!!!
31 Oct 2005 by cliinton paineful
Re:  your younger brother

Hey fella,
Nice to hear that you have landed a job and getting paid for sitting on your ass! Great stuff, sorry for the slack email response time (AS ALWAYS). In sydney for a couple of weeks just ...  (more...)
3 Sep 2005 by Norm Cuttriss
Re:  website

Hi Chris, just had a look at your website and photos. Hope the job seekin goes ok. I will look in again soon.

8 May 2005 by alison cunningham
Re:  envy

Sounding fab, altho' sad that MP going the same way as so many 'must see' places with rubbish etc. I'll never forget Mt. Toubkal in Morocco: camp site was basically a 5 acre open sewer with toilet ...  (more...)
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