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Aug 26, 2009 by Bob & Mary Swinhoe
Re:  Turkish Bath Torture

Mary and myself will be unable to sleep tonight after reading the Turkish bath stories. We both have sore ribs and wet eyes from the treatment we recieved reading these stories. (uncontrollable fits ...  (more...)
Aug 19, 2009 by Jeff Kuhn
Re:  Okay...now I'm really jealous...

...and I think that you should have taken me along as I have studied many of these places and my mouth is watering as I read what you are experiencing and I can't believe it and you must love it and ...  (more...)
Aug 18, 2009 by Stephanie Hooker
Re:  "The Mountain" Aug 7th

This picture of the two of you in your cliffside dorm room is my favourite picture of the whole trip so far! You both look happy, adorable, and well weathered. Very nice.
Aug 13, 2009 by Linda Boydell
Re:  The journal

Hi there! Just having a chance to really look at your journal what an awesome time u must be having.The pics are great I will have to read later, Poco has great writing skills!!!Can't wait to hear ...  (more...)
Jul 6, 2009 by George Symons
Re:  POCO....talk to us.

POCO, your trip journal has become part of my regular internet checks......those 6 days on the sailboat should be up. How about a update on the sailing trip.
Jun 8, 2009 by Mom Lawton
Re:  updates

I really enjoy your journal.It's good to hear that you are aware of the people and how poor they are to have to steal. The phone calls are definately a treat. Love you guys Mom
May 28, 2009 by Sabine Keil
Re:  Earthquake

Very glad you're okay. Need details. Where were you when it hit? Are there still after shocks? Is this the kind of excitement you had planned for? Stay out of revolutions and killer bee areas! ...  (more...)
May 28, 2009 by Jeff Kuhn
Re:  Earthquake...

...you guys okay down there? Where were you when the earthquake hit? I shoulda known that you'd shake things up a bit on this trip!

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