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Dec 9, 2004 by Doug Sandstrom

WOW!!! What a trip -- I'm so inspired!!! Thanks for including me on your journey, I've truly enjoyed your updates -- very inspiring! WELCOME HOME! (Will you adopt me before your next trip? ;)
Nov 28, 2004 by Jeroen & Marieke den Haan
Re:  The Dutchies from Fraser Island

Hi Dana and Snowden!

What a great site you have! Very funny to see ourselves back in the pictures and the journal, but for those who think you´re just making up stories to make the people at home ...  (more...)
Nov 18, 2004 by Julie Hatch
Re:  Greetings from the LBC!

Hi Snow and Dana!

I check on your adventures from time to time. What a wonderful guide to the world! Keep them coming...I'll convince Darrell to take a trip with me to one (or two or three) of those ...  (more...)
Oct 20, 2004 by Crystin Orser
Re:  wallabees

Wow! More fantastic photography and great tales. Aram and I really appreciate you both taking this trip for us. Yeh, we would HATE to have had to do it ourselves, doncha know. It was good of you. ...  (more...)
Oct 19, 2004 by Jenny Torell
Re:  Thank you

Thank you both for sharing your trip along the way. I've been showing my family where you all have been. Ive saved a few pictures too. I showed my daughter (Savanna) the African Savanna. I named her ...  (more...)
Aug 17, 2004 by Kerry Murphy
Re:  Borneo, and Other Follies

Hi Guys -

You should know that one of my fave treats/procrastination enablers is delving into your journals. You're both making me salivate at the prospect of world travel, leeches and all. I loved ...  (more...)
Aug 8, 2004 by Louise and Mike Koetters
Re:  your adventures

WOW! Your pictures are could submit them to National Geographic. Think you might need us. So we have just returned from Walmart...have our packpacks; new climbing shoes; medications ...  (more...)
Aug 1, 2004 by Beth Dilling
Re:  Trip journal

Holy jumping shreks! I just spent a marathon morning touring Africa and Europe. It took me nearly 4 hours to get caught up from Malaria to Malaysia! I've nursed my way through 2 big mugs of coffee and ...  (more...)