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Jul 29, 2009 by Claire Daplyn
Re:  Your secret

I know that you have secretly both become African citizens by your very relaxed attitude to time. Just a two month delay for the final entry!
You may find your UK employers are not so keen on this ...  (more...)
Jul 26, 2009 by Carol Berry
Re:  Farewell to Ghana

Excellent sign off piece. Your feelings really came through. What a 9 months you had. I think you will feed off these experiences for the rest of your lives. Well done for being brave enough. I envy ...  (more...)
Jun 8, 2009 by Auntie Glenys Warlow
Re:  photos

Fabulous photos - loved the atmosphere they produced, 2 were outstanding - the sunset and the one of the 2 of you together. What a wonderful way to end your trip. Thank you for sharing your sojourn ...  (more...)
May 10, 2009 by Bez Dad
Re:  Your trip - our stuff

Wow sounds amazing- it's real Boy's Own Paper stuff. Scammed eh?? It happens to us all. We've just had a great day with Claire, Tim and Josh at Chartwell - having a belated birthday celebration. I'll ...  (more...)
May 10, 2009 by Auntie Glenys Warlow
Re:  Hello again

Really love reading about your adventures, and can conjure up vivid pictures. You'll will need to get it all written into a book when you get back. Niamh had a lovely birthday and thoroughly enjoyed ...  (more...)
May 1, 2009 by Steph Ward
Re:  Your trip... duhh.

I have just had a mamouth read of your last months activities and am mostly quite jealous. Sounds like your dune climbing and crazy transport links are keeping you two busy... i love the fact that ...  (more...)
Apr 30, 2009 by Kev Butler
Re:  Hello to you both...

I've been tracking your adventures with interest and jealousy! It all looks fab and must be an amazing experience.

I know it might be tempting, but i'll forgive you for not coming back home for my ...  (more...)
Apr 28, 2009 by Auntie Glenys Warlow
Re:  Hi

Fabulous photos, great to see them, you are certainly having a great trip. It's Niamh's 2nd birthday tomorrow so looking forward to that. She keeps walking passed a couple of parcels in the hall ...  (more...)
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