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Mar 29, 2008 by Chelsie Bristow
Re:  hey

Sounds like you are having a blast!I havent been to many of the places you have been so im enjoying the photos and your blog.Your experiences sound amazing and something you will never forget!Reading ...  (more...)
Mar 26, 2008 by Bre Cheese
Re:  u still alive?

r u still alive? or r u home already? call us when you get home! u need to come over on ur moped and party hearty at our hizz-ous. :) Stay away from the gay strip clubs. i kno what a temptation it is ...  (more...)
Mar 12, 2008 by Vanessa W
Re:  response

Hi Bran, got your email. Modern art at the big museum was cool (the one next to hero's square), not sure if the exhibit was still up (probably not). One thing we noticed was that at most of the hotels ...  (more...)
Mar 12, 2008 by Natalie Sadler
Re:  All

WOW! I have to say....when you were texting about your trip....I forgot about your journal. Now there's alot to catch up on!! What you are doing is excellent for you!! You need to save and go to these ...  (more...)
Mar 12, 2008 by Shaun Meyer
Re:  missing you

I miss you, hoping your feeling better. Love you see you soon.
Mar 7, 2008 by Bre Durham
Re:  crazy mo fo

Hello! Are ya having fun? Be careful! Baxter misses you. :)
Mar 6, 2008 by Vanessa and Ashley Woolery and Thomas
Re:  Budapest

Ello B. When I was in Budapest I stayed at the Burg Hotel, right next to that picture you took ("near a castle lookout"). Some other pictures are just like i took too. Nice to hear about meetings, ...  (more...)
Feb 26, 2008 by Candice Stippich
Re:  Trip Journal

Thanks for the update it sounds like you are really having a great time!!! Hope to see some pictures soon

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