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Jan 5, 2008 by BOB & SHERRY SMITH

We thought you guys fell off the end of the earth. How have these gasoline prices been to your travels? Hope you are both well. I think your new site looks ...  (more...)
Jan 1, 2008 by Gordon & Juanita Pierce
Re:  New Orleans

Hi Paula... I like your pics of New Orleans. That is a city I have never visited and would like to some day. From the looks of some of those streets I don't think we'll be able to drive our truck ...  (more...)
Dec 26, 2007 by steve sparks
Re:  ?????

Hope You guys are ok? have not seen you on yahoo? well MERRY CHRISTMAS STEVE& SUSAN
Dec 24, 2007 by june rose veach Cookingham
Re:  update

Thanks for all the updates. It is fun seeing where you are and the pictures are great.
Peter and I had a wonderful time when you were in Myrtle Beach. I loved the knights and the whole evening. Thank ...  (more...)
Dec 4, 2007 by paula neff
Re:  hi from cape may

Hi Paula & Dick, I just spent an hour enjoying your trip photos and notes. Sounds like a great life! It was nice to meet Dick's kids and to see Pam and Cris's families. The kids sure grow up fast. ...  (more...)
Dec 3, 2007 by Nick Ara
Re:  Good Sam guestbook

If I didn't mention it before, I'll tell you now that I LOVE getting these updates from you guys! Makes me feel like I'm following along on all your trips. I'm probably just living vicariously through ...  (more...)
Nov 6, 2007 by Jim Westman
Re:  Trip journal

I enjoy keeping track of your travels. I'm going to use your journal in my class to discuss states and the environment where you are traveling to.
Safe journeys and glad Dick's toe got a good review. ...  (more...)
Oct 4, 2007 by Gordon and Juanita Pierce
Re:  Journal lookin' good!

Dick and Paula,

The new journal is starting to look real good.

Hope Dick is doing better...he needs to get back to work moving the rig along, the black water, etc.!

Take care and safe travels,
...  (more...)
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