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Apr 28, 2008 by zhang hong
Re:  travel journal on America

Dear Author:

I come from beijing of China,and love to write traveljournals,at the same time like yo read good journals from abroad,today I surfed into your travel blog, and your story fascinated ...  (more...)
Oct 18, 2007 by George and Judy McAnally
Re:  Journal

Pictures are great! Half Moon Bay's are good enough for postcards, expecially the pumpkins. Good job.
George was impressed with Howard's formal wear, a Tshirt with no pocket! Howard you're climbing ...  (more...)
Oct 4, 2007 by Chris & Beth Pany
Re:  Photos

Great photos! Thanks for sharing the family.
Sep 18, 2007 by al schmadeke
Re:  updates

Love ur pictures. Tillamock and Astoria bridge brought back memories, same route Shar & I too 2 years ago. Only problem, we did not have the Crab you 2 had.
Your pictures are great, much better than ...  (more...)
Aug 16, 2007 by Beth & Chris Pany
Re:  Welcome back!

So glad you are posting again - we missed you! But I don't recall seeing photos of the marvelous grandchild???? Even if you are sitting in one place you can entertain us....
Jul 20, 2007 by ann sair
Re:  Your TripJournal

Hello Howard & Lynda,

Really enjoyed checking out your site. You just left one of our all time favorite areas - the Golden Circle area of Utah. We are originally from Livermore, CA and we would spend ...  (more...)
Jul 16, 2007 by Ron Mande
Re:  Trip Journal

Hi Folks,
We recently noticed your post on RVNet - really enjoyed looking over your site as we have a trip journal too. Jane has found some great idea's on how to improve ours so wanted to say, ...  (more...)
Jul 10, 2007 by Judy McAnally
Re:  Hot!!!

I don't think you're going to get any relief from the heat no matter where you head except for the Pacific! Mike is Salmon fishing on Johnnie Pepper's Fishing Boat north of Pt. Reyes, last we heard ...  (more...)
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