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Nov 4, 2006 by Brad & Jimmie Whitwam
Re:  trip

We have really enjoyed your trip through the e-mail. Thanks for setting it up so we could all enjoy it. Its Been fun.
Oct 24, 2006 by Lynn Pollock
Re:  Trip

Goodbye to all you Trekkies, will be glad to see my sister home again, missed her a lot! It has really been fun reading your adventures, glad you all had such a good time.,
Aug 29, 2006 by Lynni Seal
Re:  Diane's Birthday

Happy Birthday Diane from the crew @ Pacific Financial Planners
Aug 29, 2006 by Juliann Fontana

Just to let you all know how much I enjoy reading about our trip and seeing the pictures. You all are doing a great job.
Aug 21, 2006 by connie smith
Re:  What a trip!!!

Finally where we can catch up on all your travel news. Boy it sounds like you are having the trip of a lifetime (green with envy). Take care and Hugs to all.
Aug 14, 2006 by Rich and Dorothy Newburn
Re:  Your Travels

Love the website. Thank you so much for turning us onto it!! Juliann, we want your autograph!! We didn't have ANY friends that are TV STARS until NOW!!! Your e-mails of your trip are great but it's ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2006 by Angie Ballard (Costanzo)
Re:  Hi Mom from Angie

Just a note to tell you that I love the website and I am jealous that you are getting to see all this cool stuff. I was hoping you were going to overnight me some Ben and Jerry's. :) Anyway you look ...  (more...)
Aug 10, 2006 by Pat Ross
Re:  Travels

We're enjoying reading about your travels and looking at the pictures so much. We've been to some of these places and are reliving our travels through your journal and also finding places we want to ...  (more...)
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