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Jan 27, 2006 by Luke Mauldin
Re:  to CVBCers!

Josh, you gotta put this on the guest book for everyone to see that I actually took the time to send ya'll some care. What can I say I'm just such a nice guy. I mean its not everyday you come accross ...  (more...)
Nov 17, 2005 by Gayle Westmoreland
Re:  your travels

I love reading about your trip, the adventures, what you are learning. I am traveling vicariously through you! You two are doing an awesome work and Dare and I are so proud of you and encouraged by ...  (more...)
Nov 16, 2005 by benom plumb
Re:  don't eat the chicken!

just read in the sensationalized news that China had three cases of bird flu just discovered...so, take some advice...don't eat the chicken!! love you guys...

Nov 11, 2005 by benom plumb
Re:  love!

Glad to see you guys are doing well! Josh excellent job on the updates. We are thinking of you guys continually everyday. what a great adventure! Josh I love you man, and I wish you could be here for ...  (more...)
Nov 11, 2005 by Kellie Grace
Re:  trip

Thanks so much for sharing the entries and pics. I just showed some of them to a girl in my third grade class!! Great teaching tool. Can't wait until your return. Love you both!!!
Oct 19, 2005 by jerry herrington
Re:  blog

Zdravstuitye Sally & Josh. Hey guys. Thanks for getting back so quick to my email. I was surprised & grateful. And I love your blog with semi-daily posts & pics... they really help tell the story. ...  (more...)
Oct 15, 2005 by Jon Byassee
Re:  Sally and Josh

Hi Guys

It is awesome to track your journey via the net. Becky and I pray for your
safety and mission success every day. We know that God is pleased by your dedication to those in need. Take care and ...  (more...)
Oct 14, 2005 by Miranda Fluker
Re:  thinking of you

Sally and Josh
I just wanted to know that I think about you two every day. I hope you are having a wonderful experience.
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