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17 Nov 2005 by Rebecca Durack
Re:  Chocolate Pillow anyone?

Hey Guys,

Hope the travelling is still going well. How about updating the website. I am keen to see someone else's photo's as most of mine were crap.

Keep on trucking!!

16 Nov 2005 by Stephen Williams
Re:  hello from the Island in the North Sea!


just a quick note to say thanks to both of you for helping to make the trip through China so much fun. Nick and I had a good time in Shanghai and we hit UK soil again last night - complete ...  (more...)
17 Oct 2005 by Niall Gifford
Re:  your trip

All the best to you both. Have a ball! I hope you enjoy every minute. Bon Voyage!
12 Oct 2005 by Judith Todd
Re:  Your escapades

I am feeling left I the only one not following your great adventure? Please include me so that I can bask in the reflected sense of adventure from my office desk!!
10 Oct 2005 by Conal Carty
Re:  Trip

Brian, tell Andrea she did not clean her desk, she must come back as soon as possible!!! Hope you are keeping well, Belfast is just not the same without you.
3 Oct 2005 by Jacquie Pollard
Re:  Are you in Canada still??

HEy guys11 Cool website idea! It will be awesome to be able to watch your adventures around the world! PRetty cool./ I will write a story next time....Dylan just ran in to a wall :-)))

Love Jac
3 Oct 2005 by priscilla glover
Re:  hi

Hey guys,

Just got ur first report, site looks great and look forward to following it...see you both before u go on the biggy..
3 Oct 2005 by Lorna Vance
Re:  hello

Hey guys,

Site looks good, will keep in touch. Hope everything is ging ok, Kieran sends his best wishes as well... enjoy.x
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