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Mar 20, 2006 by Rachael Farrell
Re:  your slackness on this web page!!

Hey you two party goers, how about some up to date photos and shit for those of us left sitting at home dreaming bout our next trip!! I'm off in two months. Looks like I am going to Africa then the UK ...  (more...)
Feb 8, 2006 by Helges Bandeira
Re:  Hey

Hey guys !!! What's up ? It seems your trip was fantastic !!! Where r u now ? r u back in England ? I am living in France now ! I moved here in september 2005, I am studying international law over ...  (more...)
Dec 6, 2005 by Becs Blackwood
Re:  Hi

I was very excited to see that we had copped a mention in the infamous tripjournal. Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you.
Dec 5, 2005 by Matthew Joseph
Re:  Pressure Points

. . . . I couldn't believe it! The only thing separating the fertile valley between her tan shapely legs and my engorged cream-filled manhood was a pair of edible avocado panties. I have hated avocado ...  (more...)
Dec 5, 2005 by Doddy Doddy
Re:  Holiday

Been doing a bit of traveling myself as well. You two have inspired me to travel, somthing I have missed out on.Been to Gt Yarmouth at the weekend to ride the giant snails.Also I have heard theres a ...  (more...)
Sep 30, 2005 by jonno price
Re:  booze

when are you coming to Melbourne you cross dressing bread leaver?
Sep 14, 2005 by Dad Dad
Re:  stuff

Hello you guys, good to see the web site working again, how about some pics, hope are both well and enjoying life, everything OK at home , paid Mr Parvez the ground rent. Angela and I took Jack to ...  (more...)
Apr 7, 2005 by Lizzy Frankland
Re:  Hey Ho downunder!

G'day Bruce and Sheeeelar, Woohoo! we've made contact again. It's been a somewhat eventful year, i was made redundant last April I then took the summer off which was lush now working in the biggest westend office in london - scary! G got made redundant last Nov and is now working with one other guy in a new venture. We went to Finland for a week bludy cold but an amazing experience, we managed to go to the Ice Hotel which was awesome and of course went to the Absolute Bar in the hotel for a couple of shots in our own ice glasses sitting on reindeer hides on ice. It was a magical trip. We also went on a husky/reindeer safari, snowmobiling and Gazza managed to fall in the ice cold water, if he hadn't of got out we reckon he would not have lasted in their for more than a minute. Fortunately for us he only went in up to his thigh one leg that is, as soon as he got out his jeans went rock hard - funny that as it was probably around -18. Well we have come back with good memories but flat broke as it was really expensive. Anyway what are you both upto - do you have any plans to come back don't blame you if you don't, it's still cold and rainy eugh!
G and i have at long last said we are going to get married - woohoo! it won't be until next year as we do need to save some dosh, nothing formal just a good laff and then bugger off for a couple of weeks somewhere. Charlie is about 6ft 3" and he has had a really rad! haircut i got the shock of my life as i thought he was going to have short back and sides Oh No! it's short in places, spiky on top and a variety of colours the closest thing i can think of is a tiger but of course i won't tell C that. C is working weekends now so really growing up, C's 18 this year help me Gad!!
I'd better get on with work, take it easy and hopefully hear from you soon.
big love
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