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Apr 30, 2006 by Josy Wicentowich
Re:  Life is an adventure

Hi Dan,
I've enjoyed reading your website. What an adventure! It great to be able to do those open adventures before life ties you down with mortgages, contracts, and other commitments. Just came back ...  (more...)
Apr 18, 2006 by Diane Melnyk
Re:  Easter

We missed you, your mom served her usual excellent meal. We have been home from Az for 3 wks & already golfed 6 games with lots of courses opening on permanent greens. I had a memorable cruise through ...  (more...)
Apr 15, 2006 by Betty and Don McDougall
Re:  Happy Easter

Happy Easter Dan,
Hope the Easter Bunny finds his way to the other side of the world.
We are getting ready to go to Creston to see Grandma (and her golf course)

Betty and Don
Mar 30, 2006 by Gail Kapty
Re:  cheap meals

So I am probably already too late for the contest, but I thought of something cheap and easy the other day. What about grilled cheese sandwiches? You need butter/margarine, bread cheese and a fry pan. ...  (more...)
Feb 28, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  no new postings

Greetings Daniel, where are ya, did you fall into a vat of apple cider, How many apples have you picked by now thelast posting I have access to is feb12, it will be March 1 tomorrow, so I repeat ...  (more...)
Feb 23, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  Daniels travels or is that travail

How is the apple bizniz, what kind of apples are ya sorting, Granny Smiths which I know they export a lot of, 'cause the still have N.Z. stickers on them when we buy them in Safeway. Had one in my bag ...  (more...)
Feb 18, 2006 by Mom & Dad
Re:  Interesting Family Trivia Re Apple Picking

You certainly are following in family footsteps by working as an apple picker. Your great-grandfather (Grandpa Buchak's Dad) moved to B.C. in approximately 1948 to retire. As he was about 60 years old at the time and needed something to do, he worked in the orchards in B.C. picking fruit for a number of seasons. Happy picking in the orchards of New Zealand!! Let us know what type of apples they grow. Perhaps they will be exported to Canada and we may end up eating one that you actually picked!!
Feb 18, 2006 by Uncle Viggo
Re:  I'm envious of your travels

I think your travels sound interesting and I wish I was with you.Keep having a great time, seeing the scenary and picking lots of apples. I hope that you get to see where The Lord of the Rings was ...  (more...)
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