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Apr 9, 2009 by Lukas Gurfinkiel
Re:  hmm?

Hi Guys!! It's been a while.. I can see you have already come back to reality... Where are you now? Copenhagen? Winnipeg? What are you plannig for coming months?? I am going to Copenhagen for three or ...  (more...)
Apr 2, 2009 by E Yu
Re:  Hello

I enjoy reading your updates! I can't believe the 2 of you will be home soon! Yeehaw!
Apr 2, 2009 by Spiros Avgiris
Re:  Your trip

Nice pics and nice writtings also!!! Good humor Maceij...
Hey send me your email sometime... I think i only have Rikke's...
Spiros from Athens
Mar 7, 2009 by mia kofoed-kristiansen
Re:  awesome namibia

ok, so learning from your experience I should SKIP Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, etc and jump straight to Namibia?
Awesome photos. I love the one of Maciej's hand in the sand. Nice.
Mar 5, 2009 by Eleanor Yu
Re:  Trip

What an adventure the two of you are in! Cheated, scammed and lied to...thats crazy! Didn't u get robbed out there too? Hope the rest of your trip is a safe one and see u guys soon!
Feb 24, 2009 by Mette Madsen
Re:  Error: You must enter the 'regarding' line! (This is sooo annoying!)

Hey there! This damn thing of yours doesn't send me a message when it is updated. So here I was thinking no news is good news but maybe crocs ate you or something because you hadn't posted anything here. Hmmm. Anyway great to know you are alive (and at least half of you hungry, judging from the pictures..)I am glad you liked Malawi..
Little DK is going from dark, humid winter, to bright, freezing february. Coldest part of the year. People started shooting each others on a daily basis in Nørrebro. It is so surreal that it makes you laugh hysterically! This country needs something like an elegant, well spoken, black man in a suit to straighten things up. A certain woman needs to disappear. How depressing - it doesn't look like it is going to happen.
I am struggling like mad to finish the "speciale" on time - to tell you the truth nearly gave up a couple of weeks ago. Just couldn´t get my head around north german chronology. But i MUST finish. In three weeks. ´till then ENJOY! hugs from mette (and romain, who surprisingly is looking forward to summer.. By the way, i forwarded the picture of the green van)
Feb 17, 2009 by mia kofoed-kristiansen
Re:  jambo Rikke, Jambo Moch

Hey guys, so glad to read about your travels and see your funny photos. I love it! Why all the scammings? Hmm...Hopefully all ends well. Let me know your plans, you know I have tea, a hot shower, a ...  (more...)
Jan 25, 2009 by cathy kmet
Re:  hi

All is well in WPG and the tax centre is same old! As you both know it is bloody cold here and I have no vacation time to take a winter trip since I went to Italy for the month of May and just did a ...  (more...)
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