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Aug 5, 2008 by darren hall
Re:  surfs up dude

come on big boy. lets see the billabong kid pull off some tricks.

Aug 4, 2008 by Matt Barker
Re:  bungee

I seen a horsefly, I seen a dragonfly, I seen a housefly, but now I seen about everything when I see a fatman fly (with apologies to Disney).
Loving your work A&E. Here in Blighty me and Claire are ...  (more...)
Aug 4, 2008 by Paula Penn
Re:  oh my god

Oh my god love the bungee clip!

The little message you sent Dawn and adam certainly gave people a chuckle at the wedding on Friday!

Take Care

Jul 30, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  oh yeah...

and I got the Predator quote Oz - very good.
Jul 30, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Catching up!

Right, now I'm up to date and oh my gooooooood how cool has it been so far????!!!
I had just finished getting all excited by the animal bits (especially the Ostrich riding Em!) and then along comes the bungee! Oz, well done man! Mind you, it did look like they pushed you off rather than you jumping.....
Also the sea view from your room is fab. I wouldn't want to leave!

Keep it coming..xxxx
Jul 29, 2008 by james Wilkinson
Re:  your trip

hi guys

photos lookin good and lovin the captions haha ive been doin a bit of travelling myself havin only just got back from holland yesterday and goin gran canaria on thursday hope u enjoy the rest ...  (more...)
Jul 29, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Catching up!

Hey you guys!
Just catching up on your adventures. It all sounds fab... except the runny bum Em...!

Let you know when I'm up to date.

Jul 28, 2008 by Karl Nash
Re:  Stuff

Living the dream!! I hope you were like Patrick Swayze in Point break (no going on a bank raid now please). Was it cool petting a ginger pussy!! (poor i know) And all those monkeys in a field, wonder ...  (more...)
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