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19 Jul 2008 by Sergiu Ioan
Re:  2007 trip to Romania

I was told about your trip journal, and since I am a Romanian (Bucharester), I am very interested to read it. Although your tone is contemptuous, I must admit I laughed like hell at times. You ...  (more...)
10 Jul 2008 by Cristian Dicu-Sava
Re:  Romaia and trip

Did you enjoied just single other contry ?
Never asker your self what is wrong with you instead of asking what is wrong with others ? :)))

26 Sep 2007 by cheryl orth
Re:  your trip journal

you are absolutely hilarious ! If you ever decide to write a book, let me know - I'll be the first to buy it! You remind me a bit of Bill Bryson (travel writer with great wit!). Are all Australian's like you? I was on your east coast in 2001 and met some great people but none that were half as entertaining as you !
What is your next adventure?
Cheryl Orth
19 Sep 2007 by Dot Brady
Re:  yourjournal

Just to say thanks for letting me enjoy your travels . I really enjoyed them .I found the site by accident but once i started to read about your experiences i could not stop
Thanks again
16 Sep 2007 by Diane Parker
Re:  Welcome Home

Welcome home to home...from Denver, Colorado
Diane Parker
12 Sep 2007 by Donna & Ken Fileccia/Wardle
Re:  home ward bound

Hi Janine, Guess you must be home now, or nearing at least! Thank you so much for the post card from various stops on your way, We enjoyed them I may even use some of the for painting subjects!! Let ...  (more...)
6 Sep 2007 by lee ralph
Re:  nothing in particular

hey old girl, finally caught up on all your travels, sounds like you had fun with andrea. when are you due back? north albany high school is having a 25yr anniversary on friday the 21st of september ...  (more...)
4 Sep 2007 by Diane Parker
Re:  Going home

Glad you are going home...if for nothing else, you found home the best place in the world to be. I am sure your spirit is so very ready for some TLC from folks at home. What an adventure you have had! ...  (more...)
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