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Jul 25, 2008 by m+d sheen
Re:  bungy etc

well done em on the ostrich,up the looked like you really enjoyed it. your glowing.austen, well havent got words to describe about your bungy. couldnt see it as didnt know your password, but i bet it was awesome? or plain stupid? glad you both came out the other side,carry on enjoying,and take care xxxx loving journal, making us smile and feel really proud.
Jul 24, 2008 by glad and garry dodson
Re:  your photos etc

we are at mum and dads and have been looking at your pictures, how wonderful,carry on enjoying yourselves and take lots of care,
love and kisses from us.
Jul 23, 2008 by Rachel Hill
Re:  .

Hi guys!
Hope your having a wicked time and really enjoying yourselves!
Hopefully the weather has held out for you too!
Best Wishes
Rachel x
Jul 23, 2008 by Don Shirley WARDS
Re:  Your Trip so far

HI GUYS, Great to be able to follow your adventures. Some good photography - loved the one of the Titanic! We are looking forward to seeing you when you reach the Antipodes so will be following your ...  (more...)
Jul 23, 2008 by Chee zey
Re:  Wednesday 9:30 at my desk you gits

Looks like you guys are luvin it so far..
although you may have to get extra server space for all updates you are posting !!

Enjoying the reads so far, so keep em coming and have a great time.

I ...  (more...)
Jul 22, 2008 by Madam O'keeffe
Re:  food poisoinng

Hi guys,

Hope you are feeling better Em, i did get told off by Dawn....Sorrrrrry!

We both really liked it though, and this is another reason why I don't eat fish.

Looks like you are making really ...  (more...)
Jul 21, 2008 by Paula Penn
Re:  journal

just looked at your journal, it's great! Keep it up and enjoy your trip!

Take Care

Jul 21, 2008 by Dawn Gibson
Re:  Food poisoning

Em, are you okay? i am hoping you have got over your food poisoning episode.....i will be having words with Adam tonight to see where he recommended!

Your website is fab, i know it is hard sometimes ...  (more...)
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