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2 Apr 2012 by Suzanne Will
Re:  Gloucester

What a pretty looking village; and still the daffodils bloom! I have a memory that Gloucester has a museum devoted to the history of canals and canal boats and a shop, supposedly the model for the little tailor's shop of the Beatrix Potter story (near the cathedral i thinK). Keep safe and well.
30 Mar 2012 by Sheila Lockett
Re:  Your trip

Hi Shirley!

I haven't mentioned your photos - they're excellent, and so easy to access. I'm tremendously impressed not only with the blog, but with your itinerary - wherever do you get all the ...  (more...)
29 Mar 2012 by Lee Cornell
Re:  Great Photos

Looks like you are keeping yourself plenty busy!
27 Mar 2012 by Sheila Lockett
Re:  your hire car

You're amazing! I wish I had as much courage (and sense of adventure ) as you! Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next instalment.
21 Mar 2012 by sharon burgess
Re:  trip

I love reading your updates.... the photos I am familiar with but the shot of London from Crystal Palace I have never seen before.... Annabelle is just fine and sits with me and watches the ...  (more...)
21 Mar 2012 by Sheila Lockett
Re:  your journal

hello Shirley,

What a wonderful website, and magnificent visit to London ...I'
21 Mar 2012 by Vivian Pyle
Re:  Crystal Palace/Tower Bridge

I can see why you love it there. Such beautiful architecture and what history!
21 Mar 2012 by Carmen DiNatale
Re:  Dinosaurs

Hi Shirley,
Liam and Sally loved the dinosaur pictures. Liam wants to get on a plane today and come and have a look. I promised him not today but when he gets a little older. We are still working out ...  (more...)
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