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3 Jan 2011 by Donna Johnson
Re:  The Great Adventure

Hi Guys,
Will back to the crazy house,The only good part about this I have the computer to see all the beautiful pictures that you take.You're great Paul.It sounds like you two are having a blast.Again this is something that you will remember and can add to youre ever growing list of places that you two have gotten to see together.Once again these pictures are beautiful. Will here comes the little darlings I'm going to have to stop for now so untill the next time,Paul keep taking those pictures,Tink keep looking beautiful as you always do and keep taking it all in.
Unending Love
27 Dec 2010 by Beth Dougherty
Re:  Update

Gimme an update!!! I am taking a vacation vicariously through you guys! Don't let me down!
23 Dec 2010 by Donna Johnson
Re:  WOW What a TRIP;

Wow I just saw the pictures. Guys they are just BEAUTIFUL.Down to the wire on this end can't get over soon enough.Wish I was with you two but hearing about your adventure is just as good.Sounds like ...  (more...)
23 Dec 2010 by Janiece Johnson
Re:  Spain

What great memories! God's creation, awesome.
23 Dec 2010 by Harry Kachline
Re:  clothing and climbing

Thanks for update - yep, we like having our own skivvies but will leave the climbing to less vertical without ropes terrain. I like 'spirits soaring' rather than 'heart in my mouth'.

Looks as if ...  (more...)
22 Dec 2010 by Leslie Cornick
Re:  Spain

Great pics! what a gorgeous place. Glad you have your underwear!!