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Aug 8, 2008 by Credit Control (Admin)
Re:  Overdue Charges: Port Elizabeth Backpackers

Dear Mr Emma Austen,
Your payment upon departure was not sufficient to clear your room bill and funds are now overdue. Intrest of 30 Rand (daily) is accruing on your unpaid bar bill and entertainment ...  (more...)
Aug 8, 2008 by Tash Nash
Re:  Bungees and Foxes

Man! I am petrified of heights so I would not be able to do either !! fcking well impressed with both of you!!..... my sister did a similar thing in New Zealand - just the once for her though, she ...  (more...)
Aug 8, 2008 by Jo Lawrence

Fat chance (scuse the pun!!) of you getting eaten Ozz.....have a great time on Safari the pair of you....can't wait to see you next to a rhino or something Ozz!
Aug 7, 2008 by Jack and Harriet Chintsa
Re:  Free Wine

Hi Ozz and Em,
We've loved reading and remembering (or trying to piece together)our time in Chintsa. So much fun, slightly dreading the photos though! Hope you're managing to work your way up to ...  (more...)
Aug 6, 2008 by me pettet
Re:  need my photo fix

hey doooooodes

lovin your work guys, keep up the good work, i am addicted to this site its better than big brother! But must say am getting withdrawl symptoms due to lack of stunning scenery and your ...  (more...)
Aug 6, 2008 by Chee zey
Re:  News

Thank goodness for an update.. my world had stopped spinning!

thought you may have got on the wrong end of a CD size spider or worse washed out to sea OZ.. been watching the news for whale sittings ! ...  (more...)
Aug 5, 2008 by alfie age 4 eagling
Re:  iotoituu7ulll9

wkt09ik59yp957--orji5o6uy87ryneeeeeeee7eti09564mu78675978y65pu085860597umo;tttj te4tju80o[
;guj rti0[yu[5i[9560-r569-6oot[p'it9rihy0ihty'ojtupolj[odpotykpo6[ioyi[i[

think that translates into 'hope ...  (more...)
Aug 5, 2008 by molly age 6 eagling
Re:  the trip

i hope your haveing a nice time i hope you have a nice time in khong
khong have you seen diffent animals to ares at home was there a lott
of sand do you miss me and home was ozz sared when he done the ...  (more...)
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