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Aug 14, 2008 by Karl Nash
Re:  Ne ho chin wong dong

Hello Merry backpackers, Loving your work it's like a Micheal Palin documentry, with more Beer!!! I also must add that your beard Oz is looking mighty felt like!! New objective I feel is that you have ...  (more...)
Aug 14, 2008 by Jon Wright
Re:  hey dudes

hey you two, i think you lucky you on the other side of the world, i gave up smoking this week, and every fu**er is annoying the merry arse of me, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2008 by the beagies

hello kids, thanks for the update its brill!!!! feel like im actually there with you,however bet your glad im not! lovin the safari pics, kids loved them too, so thx. Alfie was most excited about your ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2008 by Jon w
Re:  sun tans!!!!

hey you two pasty people, when you gana getsome colour to your bodys!!!!!
Aug 11, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  My own fags man!

I got my own fags man!! I think it's about time to take up smoking!

Great to see you're still keeping us up to date!
We're supposed to be off surfing in a couple of weeks in Cornwall but after seeing ...  (more...)
Aug 11, 2008 by Mama Pettet
Re:  trip

Hi guys,
Just back from our latest stint on the Isle of wight.It feels like we have been island hopping for ever!
Just been catching up on your latest ventures. I expect you will give us a few more ...  (more...)
Aug 10, 2008 by Rachel Hill
Re:  Hey

Hey Guys,
Hope your ok, im currently in Switzerland at the mo for 5 days (nothing compared to your trip I know lol). Ive left poor old jason behind, im sure he`ll cope without me (PARTY)lol.
Hope your ...  (more...)
Aug 8, 2008 by Hodger .
Re:  duuuuuuuuuudddeeesss

dude and dudess

hope you're both having a fantastic time. The photos look amazing and the comments are brilliant. Sorry ive took so long to send a message, but dont worry i gave myself a major bitch ...  (more...)
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