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Sep 18, 2008 by mama Pettet
Re:  latest ventures

Hi, I really think i did you real damage by not letting you get dirty as a kid, you appear to have made up for it all in one day!!!!!!!!!!
looks like you are having real fun not sure about your ...  (more...)
Sep 10, 2008 by mum and dad sheen
Re:  france

hi you two, managed to catch up with your journal at this other camp site near biarritz.looks a lovely country,and you have prob.moved to laos now.its lovely weather and site,had lyn and micks champs ...  (more...)
Sep 10, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Veeeee

Ohhhhh I seeeeeeee... you have to decide to display it.
Is it coz you is burned?
Or was my message so god damned rude that you decided not to..?
Man I am so hip!
Sep 8, 2008 by floetry in motion
Re:  you couple of burny bums

love you! glad to see you're having a grand PINK time

snogs xx
Sep 8, 2008 by karl Nash
Re:  booze, burns, and belly aches

Still impressed that you are still writing on your journal, I even more impressed that I am still looking at it. Honestly though it's really nice to know that somewhere out there, in the big old world ...  (more...)
Sep 6, 2008 by Tired GemmaNew Mumma
Re:  You burnt bunch of bartys x

Youse two make me larf!! Em, is it as bad as the sunbed fiasco last year......goggle lines....!!??

Keep enjoying yourselves, you look like your having a proper mash up! Did you just book the trip to ...  (more...)
Sep 2, 2008 by Naffi Ezadpanah
Re:  Hey ya...:-)

Hey guys,

very nice meeting you!Had such a good nite in the Sailing Club!!! Enjoy Nha Trang and will hopefully see ya soon in Hoi An!
Take care. naffi
Aug 29, 2008 by mama pettet
Re:  india

hi... just back from Bournemouth quite tame compared to India! Sorry you didn't find it quite up to expectations but at least you got to see the famous 'wonder of the world'which to be honest would be ...  (more...)
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