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Jan 23, 2006 by Melissa Tesche
Re:  Cool Site

Hey Dan

Cool web site. You are making me yearn for my days of travels. Good times, yet for some reason I am back stuck in this hole that is Edmonton. Why? Why?

Have fun!!
Jan 19, 2006 by Betty and Don McDougall
Re:  Your adventures

hi Dan,
Flying can be an adventure in and of itself as you have discovered. Everytime we fly we have another experience to add to our experience. We were in Mexico after Christmas (outside airport ...  (more...)
Jan 18, 2006 by Rachel pants
Re:  music. do it.

You should go to big day out. It should be a party and a half cuz the music should be rockin as I've heard from every single Aus that I've met. Ever. And you like music right? Hahaha. I love your ...  (more...)
Jan 16, 2006 by jon berg
Re:  keep em' coming

Hey Dan, Keep the trip journal coming. I sit on a computer browsing the internet all day so this is a good steady read for me. Also, enjoy the trip, eat a wallaby. Regards, Jon.
Jan 15, 2006 by Rachelka Cedar
Re:  get stoned


What a journey for you Dano. Plane trips are a party aren't they? I just got back from my Australia flight and man alive, I here your cries of anguish deep in my bones. Ya, LA should ...  (more...)
Jan 14, 2006 by Tom Melnyk
Re:  Have a good one

Dan, have a great trip, hope all goes well for you, and yes please keep us posted on what you are up to. I understand that NZ has some great beer !!
This medium that you are posting really works well, ...  (more...)
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