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Feb 6, 2006 by Nikki Davies
Re:  Cooking Ideas!

Hi Dan,

I totally understand your not wanting to cook anything extravagent. Working away from home myself I've been forced to cook and buy groceries every week. Trying to conserve money and eat a ...  (more...)
Feb 6, 2006 by Betty and Don McDougall
Re:  cooking

hi Dan,

You bet we are on the challenge. It is Monday morning here but I will get on it tonight, after all we want you to eat well. Perhaps by the end of this trip, we'll have you as a guest chef at ...  (more...)
Feb 6, 2006 by Jason Bethune
Re:  your web log stuff

Ok you probs don't know who I am but I'm one of your brother's firends, (I think you don't like me if I am not mistaken, you think I'm a geek or something w/e) I just wanted to say that I've read all ...  (more...)
Feb 2, 2006 by Jason Edwards
Re:  keep your chin up

Hey Dan,

Glad to read that your still alive! In reference to your last post (re Nelson)...Remember, a place is only as boring as your make it. it is up to you to make sure you have fun. From my ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2006 by Nikki Davies
Re:  Automatic Updates

Hey Daniel!

Your paretns informed me a while ago about this trip you were taking. I'm so envious. I've been reading all your journal entries as they have come out and it sounds like your going to ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  no additions to log

Hello dan. I hope you are well , possibly working ????, I look for somthing new each night but nothing since the 26, I know from Viggo you talked to Mom and Dad,and I do not expect an email or such ...  (more...)
Jan 28, 2006 by Gail Kapty
Re:  your trip

So since I don't have a computer at home. It crapped out almost a year ago. I have not had a chance to read your shpeel til now. I have realized that next time I must put on a diaper prior as you have ...  (more...)
Jan 25, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  keeping track of Daniel

Hope you are still having a good time, don't be such a pessimist, sure is fun seeing what you have been up to, Jeff was here tonite (Tues 1/24) and read both this site and the log with the pictures of ...  (more...)
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