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Apr 18, 2005 by Carol McNicol
Re:  hiya

Just checkin in. Nepalese temple photo looks great but broken wrist from handstand not doing so well. Turn it round! Hope Andy is looking for a new house coz the reef photies could be taking up a bit ...  (more...)
Apr 17, 2005 by ross and lewis mitchell
Re:  we miss you

Hi Kirsty we are through at lynns and just want to say we miss you taking us special trips. Hope you are having a ball lynn is helping us write this. Our dad says hello too
See you soon we hope hugs ...  (more...)
Feb 22, 2005 by Carol McNicol
Re:  Habits of the last five months.............

Well, you're back and it's great to see you again. Having checked this site, almost, but not always, daily for the last few months I found myself checking for updates not thinking for one minute there ...  (more...)
Feb 17, 2005 by Andy Reasonable
Re:  Rota n things

Now you are back (even if it only for a month or so), we need to get kinda organised. And, I think its only fair that once you get the 5 month backlog of cleaning, ironing and other chores out the ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2005 by Kirsty Not so stupid
Re:  Prison Trip

I hear IveĀ“put the proverbial cat in the pigeons so to speak with my account of the prison. It wasnt that dangerous, tourists do it regularly, we werent the first, not gonna be the last! So all those ...  (more...)
Jan 23, 2005 by Lynn Prior

Hmm can only echo carol's sentiments. How many Kirsty McCarrolls are now running around South America?? Since they are so corrupt and obviously had your passport for a while, a but of copying ...  (more...)
Jan 21, 2005 by Carol McNicol
Re:  You

Well, its official, you're off your head. YOU should be locked up - I cannae believe you were in that prison. Sounds like you were lucky to escape unscathed. Four words for you - Vietnam, Prison, No ...  (more...)
Jan 17, 2005 by Kirsty McCarroll
Re:  In memory

Of my very special uncle James who left us all last Thursday.
The world will be a sadder place without him, if only more of us lived our lives like he did, we'd all be living for today not for some ...  (more...)
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