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Nov 9, 2008 by Mumma P.........
Re:  kitchen capers

Where has the weidy beardy gone Oz? you look kinda naked from the neck up........!
Good to see you cooking up some fun in the kitchen, have my knife and fork at the ready.
Luv mumma ...  (more...)
Nov 9, 2008 by Matt Barker
Re:  your bad selves

Alright (treacles)

Apologies for the radio silence. Not sure what I've been doing. Just work and all that rubbish really. Certainly not elephant riding or scuba diving. You gits.

Still, at least I ...  (more...)
Oct 30, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  I got one, I got one!

Em was in a panic to take her next shot, as a turtle head had just appeared..
Oct 26, 2008 by hi me again
Re:  .

yes its true my guilty secret is out i cant stop thinking of you ozz in your mankini, your right i am sick!!!!! he he he xxxxxxx
Oct 24, 2008 by nic & the gang
Re:  in search of santa & extreme brian

yo ho ho, hi kids, hope yr cool - luvin the latest pics you crazy cats!!! we have just bagged ourselves a little trip to lapland (the real one this time). dont know how ive been sucked into this as i ...  (more...)
Oct 17, 2008 by Jacqui (biggest sister) Elliott
Re:  Elephant trek

Your elephant trek looks fantastic, looks like u r still having gr8 time, really pleased, take care catch up soon. XX
Oct 16, 2008 by molly eagie beagie
Re:  whatever

are you haveing a nice time have you found brian yet thankyou for my dress you brot me. i miss you is the food nice. you was brave getin in with the elfntes. last week the toster cort fire alfie is a ...  (more...)
Oct 16, 2008 by Brian Claydon
Re:  Brian the Snail

Why Brian the snail?

Following your adventures with interest
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