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Feb 16, 2006 by Rachelka bear
Re:  just GIVER!!!!!

Hey dude,

Wow, I've read oh so much about kiwi land. But its good, keep on with the updates cuz it takes me out of cold Edmonton (it finally got cold here) and into green and lush New Zealand. I love ...  (more...)
Feb 16, 2006 by Betty and Don McDougall
Re:  Chicken

Sorry about the delay Dan. I was busy with the silent auction. It went extrememly well so now I will try to catch up with my life. This meal is one that you can change to your liking. Heather omits ...  (more...)
Feb 10, 2006 by Bro Jensen
Re:  the contest

re-fried bean burrito

1 can re-fried beans
1/4 an onion ( diced)
cheddar ( as much as you like)
chilli powder to taste
garlic powder to taste
hot sauce to taste
soft tortilla shells

take all the ...  (more...)
Feb 9, 2006 by Jason Bethune
Re:  food stuffs

Ok only suggestion I can come up with is for steak if you have access to a bbq...the cut of the steak its self isn't the important part, all you gotta do is rub in olive oil and seasoning salt then ...  (more...)
Feb 9, 2006 by Mom Jensen
Re:  An Easy Recipe

Since I would have an unfair advantage,this recipe is not for the contest but is something that might appeal to your tastebuds and is easy to make (kudos to the Kraft "What's Cooking" magazine: ...  (more...)
Feb 8, 2006 by Kendra Marr
Re:  Re: Cooking!

Hey Dan,

I have been following your journal and blog and I have really been enjoying it. We have a few friends here in Korea that are from NZ. We are hoping to travel there or to Australia before we ...  (more...)
Feb 7, 2006 by Patricia Elrose
Re:  The Contest

Damn... hit enter too soon & sent a blank message!

Anyhow... BOY have I got culinary delights for you! These are straight from the Bachelor's Guide to Survival! Hope there are a lot of mad cows in NZ ...  (more...)
Feb 6, 2006 by Petra Syriste
Re:  food

hey Dan,
hope you are having a blast.....in regards to your cooking skills...the easiest and fastest to make, chicken ceasar salad (prepare and cook time 20 min), or stir fry's with veggies and your ...  (more...)
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