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Dec 2, 2008 by Lissen Hoejrup Munch
Re:  Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Sorry you havent heard from us at all. - Rikke I'll write you very soon!!

Hope you enjoy experiencing Africa - I-ve heard it should be pure magic??!

Love and hugs

Nov 23, 2008 by Spiros Avgiris
Re:  Hello there adventureiros....

Ok adventureiros... Nice to see you are well and fine... even though a bit bored and fed up with this volunteering thing...
Nice to see you dig and plaw the earth like that... You can always come and ...  (more...)
Nov 9, 2008 by Richard TheGreat
Re:  Africa

and so, i see you are both still alive. thanks. thanks a lot. now i owe kyle one coke. do you know how much coke is in canada?!!!? actually i think it's cheaper than everywhere else i've been lately. ...  (more...)
Nov 7, 2008 by Rose Ament
Re:  Hey

hey we just got our first snow fall and we got lots It looks so good.......I love it............miss you have fun be safe............
Nov 6, 2008 by Søren Sørensen
Re:  Søren

Hej rikke har undersøgt og spurgt mig frem. Malarone er det bedste malariamiddel i kan få, men i få tilfælde kan det give bivirkninger som dem i beskriver. Ellers skulle det ikke have bivirkninger. ...  (more...)
Nov 5, 2008 by Spiros Avgiris
Re:  Hello there adventureiros....

Very good to see your pictures and read your stories... you seem to have a hell of a time!!! Lots and lots of good luck in Uganda...


Macheij??? Did you miss that peak for 200 meters??? What a ...  (more...)
Nov 3, 2008 by El Yu
Re:  Trip

I love how u're keeping a journal like this! Its neat to track the places u guys have been too! Keep it up!
Nov 3, 2008 by mia Kristiansen
Re:  malaria pills

Yes, many Malaria medicine DOES give you huge side effects (like the paranoia and halucinations you mentioned) try getting some local stuff. I'm not even joking. Let me know if you need a tablet name ...  (more...)
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