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Dec 18, 2008 by John Hughes
Re:  ooooops.........

Your cactus must have suddenly realised he didn't live in a desert, and was actually sitting in a State Street office. It was all too much and he/she has expired quietly. We had a silent prayer and ...  (more...)
Dec 17, 2008 by Susan Lawrence

Dates no problelm, you will be here when you are Petrol $1.40 per litre at present. Car hire what kind of car, small or medium or particular make and I can get prices for you, pick up and leave in AK ...  (more...)
Dec 12, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Blue Christmas

Hey you guys,

Looking great there in sunny Oz, not at all jealous.....
warm lagoon?, sounds rubbish

It must be really wierd having Christmas Decorations up and being able to swan around in your ...  (more...)
Dec 8, 2008 by Susan Lawrence

Hi Guys am I able to email you a long letter giving some info you may or may not find useful. I suggest you look up the Magic Bus tours, mainly for young people such as yourselves who want to get ...  (more...)
Nov 15, 2008 by Jacqui (biggest sister) Elliott
Re:  Caught up

Finally caught right up to date with your antics, looks awesome, soz to hear about Em being under the weather again, well done Oz for nursing her back to health. Love to you both, Jacq & All. xxxx
Nov 15, 2008 by Deeyewhysius Hateitalreadyus
Re:  Duuuuuuuuude

I never knew Bali could go flat. Get yourselves sorted out and feck off to the other islands and do some exploring - the forecast is not all that for the next few days either. Feck off to Komodo, ...  (more...)
Nov 14, 2008 by Major Disappointment
Re:  stuff

I wait for you to travel around the otherside of the world to report on THE SURF DESTINATION OF A LIFE TIME and your epic report was: "I had a surf this monring." WAHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT!T!T! That's it? ...  (more...)
Nov 13, 2008 by Jon Wright
Re:  hey dudes

You lucky gits you look like you having a great time, i liked the pics of halloween, you too look great without makeup :-)

ozz you lost weight?? both of you is looooking gooood!!

glad to see you ...  (more...)
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