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Apr 7, 2005 by Gazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa who cares
Re:  We are alive,oh yes indeed.

Hellllloooooo my two favourite travellers, long time no write. So sorry for the slackness, got made redundant so had no e amil for a while, now back on line. Briefly until I write proper, new job is ...  (more...)
Mar 29, 2005 by victoria kirby
Re:  life,the universe and the unknown ooohhh!

hola!,from the kirby clan,just gonna have my first look at your pictures,hopefully there's some embarrassing ones,if not could arrange for some to be posted here!thankyou and good night xx
Oct 24, 2004 by Charlie Skelton
Re:  Stuff

Hi Sam and Angela
Just to say hi how is the camper van ?
When are you off to OZ
Love to you both
Dad and Angela
Sep 30, 2004 by Amanda Rose
Re:  Hey there Ange!

Fabulous travel I can live vicariously through you guys until I have the cash to travel more as well. I am slowly making my way around more of Europe though, thanks to endless weddings in ...  (more...)
Sep 13, 2004 by Bruv Skelton
Re:  Working???

Got your mail this morn, glad to hear your both well, working for a living hey! I bet your job involves a bar or alcohol!!!
Yes i have to admit, insanely jealous about you having xmas in the ...  (more...)
Aug 29, 2004 by Jordan Lane
Re:  Stuff and things?

Nice work on your journal. Awesome to hear about where you've been and that you're still going! Keep in contact, consider yourselves sorted while you're in Sydney, Australia! Here's my number call me ...  (more...)
Aug 24, 2004 by becky koehler
Re:  u tarts

well, well, well. hope u guys have sorted out liver transplants for when u get back coz it sounds like ur gonna need em. at least ur havin a good time. damn you.
its cold here. cold and wet. with ...  (more...)
Aug 16, 2004 by Charlie Skelton (Sams Dad)
Re:  Everything

Hi Sam and Angela, thanks for your mail, so good to hear from you on Saturday you made my weekend just hearing your voice got very drunk later that night had a really bad hangover today, lots of the ...  (more...)
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