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19 Mar 2012 by Vivian Pyle
Re:  Your Trip

All the pictures are amazing but I love the capture of the color and lights in Rule Britannia! Sounds like an awesome trip, so far. Can't wait to read/see more! Love, Vivian
17 Mar 2012 by Jean Moore
Re:  Horse

I really loved the horse drinking.Brilliant
17 Mar 2012 by Neil Medlin
Re:  Start of trip

Glad to hear were able to enjoy business class. It will make it hard to go back to cattle class.
17 Mar 2012 by Gloria Dunn
Re:  Trip

Green with envy.
16 Mar 2012 by Lee Cornell
Re:  Off to a good start

Sounds like you are off to a very good start. Glad to hear that you have made it to London safe and sound.

15 Mar 2012 by Sheila Lockett
Re:  Our wishes for a safe and happy trip

I intended speaking with you before your departure - but you beat me to it! Anyway, Bon VOyage, take care and don't forget to return!

Love Sheila
14 Mar 2012 by Daphne Theobald
Re:  Reply to Shirley

Thanks for the first of your journal 2012, looking forward to more!
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