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Jan 22, 2009 by cathy kmet
Re:  3 months left!

Wow time is flying! Great pics you guys! I have been checking your web once a week for the updates and i really enjoy the pics! I hope the rest of your trip in Africa is better experiences!
Take Care! ...  (more...)
Jan 21, 2009 by Nicole Oscar
Re:  machete madness

Hey guys, I hope you are still enjoying yourselves, and I miss apologize for being "one of those friends" who don't send messages often...but this one should repair my status a bit, no? Okay, that ...  (more...)
Jan 20, 2009 by i'm sick of doing this you damn well better know who i am!
Re:  love

how's the love life?
Jan 20, 2009 by Mette Madsen
Re:  The tripjournal. What else?

You people are the reason I have gotten no further than "morning coffee" today! I love your journal - it is so damn funny, and the pictures are great!! If you are not travelling, then no one is.. I'd ...  (more...)
Jan 11, 2009 by Anna (would like to be in a hot place)
Re:  Hi there!

Your journal is really amazing! Although that's the first time I leave my marks on your site, I've been tracking your route all the time.
Wow, great to hear about you being fine (at least I hope so). ...  (more...)
Jan 9, 2009 by Dustin Gatz
Re:  Moch or Mooch

Hello. Eleanor forwarded me the blog link. Quite the adventure!
Jan 9, 2009 by iwona kudrycki
Re:  Greetings

Hi Maciej&Rikke,your mom sent me the link to your journal.I really enjoy reading about your trip.Beatiful pictures.Ijust want to wish you Happy New Year & have a safe trip,stay healthy.Monika is ...  (more...)
Dec 23, 2008 by Dorte Dahl
Re:  Rikke

Hey Rikke and Machiej
Tomorrow it`s Christmas, and we wish a merry Christmas. We enjoy very much the beautifull fotos, and it`s good to now, where you are. We call you tomorrow Rikke, but we don`t ...  (more...)
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