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Jan 21, 2009 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Cheese

I didn't know Steve had an Uncle Ashgrove.....
Jan 16, 2009 by Sue Lawrence

Hi guys, nice to hear from you but I truly did not expect to, so no worries. You will be welcome whatever time you come, I still reckon the Magic Bus the best bet, I think you can pick it up at the Ak ...  (more...)
Jan 16, 2009 by Bobby P
Re:  Porridge

Big Lebowski ain't looking so Big no more.....

I'm sitting in my office, eating porridge and sheltering from the rain...

How you like them apples, gutted ain't ya, Muhahahahaha.
Jan 12, 2009 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Tips

Thanks for your tips Em, they will come in most handy.
Jan 2, 2009 by Looooo Cheeze

HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys!

I hope you had a wickid night. I saw the fireworks in Sydney on the TV as I was getting ready to go out on NYE. They looked rather splendid, did you watch them??

You missed ...  (more...)
Jan 1, 2009 by Mamma Pettet
Re:  2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR CRAZY BEARS.. hope you have suitably recovered from the celebrations by the time you get this message.

Love you loads.... ma and pa peeee
Dec 23, 2008 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  Naked Twister!

Naked Twister???!!!
It just sudenly dawned on me how horrible that could be!
Dec 23, 2008 by Matt Barker
Re:  Happy Christmas

Hi Oz and Em

Claire has seen your crimbo pictures on the beach and is very jealous. I'm not. I love the wind, rain and plummeting temperatures me.

We went on the pub crawl on Saturday and it wasn't ...  (more...)
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