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May 26, 2006 by Michelle Barkway
Re:  The Adventures of Mothman Dan

Hey Dan! Sounds like you're having a supreme time in NZ. You'd better be giving the lab a photo tour when you get home. We'd love to hear about your adventures... Keep having fun and updating your ...  (more...)
May 21, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  updates

Greetings Daniel. Just printed off the last 3 days stories, Thanks. Keep up the good work on this website deal. I sure am glad you got onto this before you left. Sunday am at 15min to 8. and raining, ...  (more...)
May 18, 2006 by Mom Jensen
Re:  Quotable Quote - I thought of you

"Climbers aim for the summit because it is there. Bungee jumpers dive off the top because they aren't all there."
May 14, 2006 by Mom Jensen
Re:  Keeping Mother's Mind At Ease

Thank you for not telling me ahead of time what crazy things you are planning to do since I need to sleep at night. It's much easier on me to find out what you have been up to "after the fact" since ...  (more...)
May 10, 2006 by Patricia Elrose
Re:  Fred J. Eaglesmith

I noted with interest when reading your posting from April 30, that you added a song by Fred to your playlist. I have an inside track to Mr. Eaglesmith - he is my neices's uncle (on her father's ...  (more...)
May 9, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  travelling Dan

Hello Daniel, Glad to hear you are having some fun and seeing the country. Ever hear the hank Snow song about being everywhere, I bet it would be kinda hard to put N.Z. names into the song instead of ...  (more...)
May 3, 2006 by Rachelka stinky
Re:  glad you're alive

Hola Dano!!!

Man alive, I freakin miss you dude. After not hearing from you for a while, all of us were wondering if you were still rockin out. I am in Lac La Biche right now doing the ENCS field ...  (more...)
May 1, 2006 by Jason Edwards
Re:  EMEND address and accident report forms

Hi Dan,

Glad to hear you are doing well and having fun! Hope your experience in the chilly EMEND tents is serving you well during the cold nights you wrote about. Do you have any completed incident ...  (more...)
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