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3 Oct 2005 by Catherine Walsh
Re:  Good luck!

Hi there!

All the very best with the travels........I'm soooo jealous.
I'm sure Canada must be gorgeous in the fall......tell us all about it.
looking forward to the next installment...soo exciting
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30 Sep 2005 by Gaye Geddes
Re:  hello

Hi - got into the site - it's brill ... I think you are going to make us
very jealous !!!!

Have a great time!
28 Sep 2005 by Ian Nicholas
Re:  you lucky beggar!

Have a great time both of you. What an opportunity.

Remember my rule for good health - only drink if there's a 'y' in the day.
Won't go far wrong if you bear that in mind!
27 Sep 2005 by Conal Carty
Re:  World Wide Travel

Just testing your site so that I can stay updated on a regular basis knowing how the mighty Andrea and yourself are getting on. Good luck with everything, I for one am jealous, just think of me with a ...  (more...)
27 Sep 2005 by Brian Purdy
Re:  hi

Great sight mate are you going to do any more?
27 Sep 2005 by Andrea Purdy
Re:  test reply

Hi ya pet! This looks great! Hope to see lots of exciting pictures up on the site soon...
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