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Mar 21, 2009 by Mr Cheeze
Re:  Weeeeell.... ?????

hi guys,

waiting with baited breath here.. need to know how the drive was !

Also, how did you guys get rid of the google adds on your journal ?? Did you go Premium ??

We'll try and keep regular ...  (more...)
Mar 11, 2009 by gem ma
Re:  extreme em

hey gorgeous! Love you loads but just had to comment on one thing.... We totally loved the lord of the rings pics. We've never seen such amazing scenery and such beautiful landscapes, and we loved the ...  (more...)
Mar 11, 2009 by MaD sheen
Re:  Brilliant

Dear Austen and Emma, What a fantastic journey you've been through,and how you have made us so happy and jealous with your brilliant journal. you should be very proud of your achievements. as we can ...  (more...)
Mar 6, 2009 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  NZ

All I can say is wow!

Check the scenery out!

I was most impressed with all the arty sword-wielding shots and then there was the cow pat one...
You can take the girl out of Essex........

Nice one ...  (more...)
Feb 20, 2009 by Mr Cheeze
Re:  Minibago

hey guys,

loving your work, I'm guessing you have a few days where t'internet is the other side of the river.

On that note, it was a nice spot but dont they have gators n stuff there.. just a ...  (more...)
Feb 12, 2009 by Looooo Cheeze
Re:  HOT....

I'm not being funny but can you STOP going on about how hot you are..... we're freezing our *rses off back here!!!!
Get out there and soak it up goddammit!

Disgruntled (Essex)
Feb 10, 2009 by Matt Barker
Re:  Hot days losing weight and sweaty nights out of the closet

Good to see you continue to embrace life, and then some, on your more recent travels. I see Emma is keeping a very close eye on your kiss with the drag queen - probably to check you didn't try and ...  (more...)
Jan 21, 2009 by MRS NASH
Re:  has it been that long already.....

elllloooooo bloke and birdy!!!

Sooooo just updated myself on the old journal there... took me a week!!! I fell behind a little... shant happen again!!!! Am just loving this journal, tis wicked! Merry ...  (more...)
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