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Jul 25, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  travelling adventures

Hello Daniel, are you beginning to count the days or at least weeks till you come home???? you are beginning to sound almost boredand finding it hard to find something to amuse that is more exciting ...  (more...)
Jul 22, 2006 by Don and Betty McDougall
Re:  Your adventures

Hi Dan,
We really enjoy hearing about your travels. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures. We are off to B.C. this morning. We will be heading out to Creston and then off to Victoria to spend ...  (more...)
Jul 19, 2006 by Ashlee Jollymore
Re:  GT's..

Still so jealous.. though bad news for unacceptable work. They didn't have meese, did they!?
Have fun and stay safe..
Jul 14, 2006 by Michelle Barkway
Re:  Crococidle and Rachel Hunters

Hey Dan!

I'm sensing a celebrity sighting in your future...perhaps the Crocodile Hunter? Or, if you're really (REALLY) lucky, Rachel Hunter. Glad to hear that you're doing well and having a bit of ...  (more...)
Jul 4, 2006 by Mom & Dad Jensen
Re:  Your Cruising Parents Have Returned

Although we managed only a 1 week cruise to Alaska which is no comparison to your extended holiday, we finally got to experience a little time away and see some sights and wildlife which are very ...  (more...)
Jul 4, 2006 by Ane-Lise Kapty
Re:  souveniers

hello Dan. Glad to hear all is OK, I hope you have a terrific time in Australia, Just got home today so I imagine you will also hear from or even talk to Mom and Dad. We are all overfed and quite lazy ...  (more...)
Jun 6, 2006 by Betty and Don McDougall
Re:  postcard

Good luck with the job search. Thanks for the postcard. You have the neatest printing. I am very impressed with how much you can squeeze into a little postcard. We had a great supperclub last weekend. ...  (more...)
Jun 1, 2006 by Wendy Davies
Re:  Thanks for the 50th Birthday Wish

Danial, thank you so very much for Rob's 50th birthday wish. He was so pleased and surprised that you were celebrating with him as far from home as you are. Hope you're enjoying being a touriest again ...  (more...)
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