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3 Jan 2011 by Donna Johnson
Re:  The Great Adventure

Hi Guys,
Will back to the crazy house,The only good part about this I have the computer to see all the beautiful pictures that you take.You're great Paul.It sounds like you two are having a ...  (more...)
27 Dec 2010 by Beth Dougherty
Re:  Update

Gimme an update!!! I am taking a vacation vicariously through you guys! Don't let me down!
23 Dec 2010 by Donna Johnson
Re:  WOW What a TRIP;

Wow I just saw the pictures. Guys they are just BEAUTIFUL.Down to the wire on this end can't get over soon enough.Wish I was with you two but hearing about your adventure is just as good.Sounds like ...  (more...)
23 Dec 2010 by Janiece Johnson
Re:  Spain

What great memories! God's creation, awesome.
23 Dec 2010 by Harry Kachline
Re:  clothing and climbing

Thanks for update - yep, we like having our own skivvies but will leave the climbing to less vertical without ropes terrain. I like 'spirits soaring' rather than 'heart in my mouth'.

Looks as if ...  (more...)
22 Dec 2010 by Leslie Cornick
Re:  Spain

Great pics! what a gorgeous place. Glad you have your underwear!!