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Jan 6, 2009 by Ara & Rich Croce
Re:  staying in touch

Hi Lynda and Howard!
Thanks for keeping in touch. You have me inspired to print up our travels last year when we spend 6 weeks, 10 days in France visiting my heritage and the rest driving from Venice, ...  (more...)
Oct 13, 2008 by Al Schmadeke
Re:  Journal

I got to get updated today - great pictures. You write and have much better pictures than I do in my journal.
Maybe, someday, I'll stop and "smell the roses" and do tours on my travels. Just not much ...  (more...)
Sep 6, 2008 by rob staniford
Re:  absence

Hope all is well; you must be too busy or having too much fun. r
Aug 31, 2008 by Judy McAnally
Re:  Travel

Loved the pictures, That little one is soooo cute! About your neck, did you get some xrays and what was the outcome? I had accupuncture once, and as you don't know if it helped or not!


Love, ...  (more...)
Jul 24, 2008 by dalya collins
Re:  those beautiful crabs

i guess if you were a REALLY good friend, you'd bring some down to us in Mc
Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sure and fuel would only cost more than i can buy
them in the market
Jun 7, 2008 by Al Schmadeke
Re:  hi

Great pictures - Oil now 139 and Flying J up .03/gal today vs. yesterday in MO @ 4.469 (less .01). Had close call last night, storm missed us but tree came down in front of me, partly hit a 5th ...  (more...)
May 10, 2008 by Judy McAnally
Re:  Journal

Your trips sound very exciting and beautiful scenery! Howard, NO you cannot join the Coast Guard!!!!!!!! The family looks beautiful, amazing how fast everyone grows up! Linda, bless your tummy! Glad ...  (more...)
May 10, 2008 by Al Schmadeke
Re:  Elks

Love your pictures - re Elks: it looks much nicer than I remember when Shar and I visited. I do not remember the trees. Did they move or just improve the place?

Love u both