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Lollygagging with the Lewis Family

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For some people their home is where they want to be; they have no desire or need to travel. But, for those of us who have a bit of gypsy in our makeup, the lure of new places and new experiences is strong.
Some travelers like to travel in airplanes, trains, ships or automobiles, and they prefer to stay in motels, hotels or resorts. We've done that kind of traveling, and it's interesting and fun. But our favorite travel is RV travel for lollygaggers.
What's a lollygagger? One dictionary definition is someone who wastes time in a lazy idle way. But another definition is someone who has lazy fun. And that's the kind of traveling we now do. It's a mind set, more than a matter of time. It's about stopping to smell the roses.
Those who share our preference for lollygagger style travel belong to another group that calls to us, the community of RV travelers. We love the RV lifestyle where total strangers quickly become friends out of our shared RV experiences.
Come along with us and share our trips.
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