Dark Sun over Libya - March / April 2006 travel blog

Dark Sun over Libya - March / April 2006

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Welcome to Julian's account of a trip to Libya to see the sun disappear for 4 minutes in a total eclipse, and take in sights of this relatively unvisited country. With Libya being welcomed back into the international community things are changing, so going now is a good opportunity to see it before the crowds arrive!

As well as modern cities like Tripoli, Tobruk and Benghazi there is a wealth of ancient Greek and Roman ones - having been buried in sand many of them in a good state of preservation though suffered from a strong earthquake in 365AD. Inland lies the Sahara, with its great Sand Seas, and later in the trip we took 4x4s into the desert for some true adventure and camping under the stars.

A good deal of time was spent in remote areas, with limited or no internet access, so I have brought this journal up to date and added more pictures after getting back.

Special credit must go to...
- Amanda McKinnon, who inspired this trip and organised it from the Australian end
- Sabine Roehrs, who organised the European end and worked with Numidia Tours to make it all happen
- Abdul Samud, our Numidia guide and all round fixer and comedian who handled the logistics and made us welcome in this strange country!
- Ali, our Libyan police minder who stopped us from stealing any precious antiquities and kept us out of trouble, not that there was any really
- Our coach and 4x4 drivers who took the big distances in their stride and coped admirably when vehicles played up.

Hope you enjoy my account

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London - Frankfurt
Frankfurt - Tripoli
Leptis Magna
Benghazi to Al Bayda...
Cyrene and Apollonia
Al Bayda to eclipse...
Eclipse Day
Jalu - Benghazi - Tripoli
Sabratha - Gharyan
Gharyan to Ghadames via...
Ghadames to Sebha
Sebha to Ghat
Ghat - Jabal Akakus
Jabal Akakus - Wadi...
Wadi Tashwinat - Idhan...
Idhan Murzuq - Takarpibah
Ubari Lakes
Ubari Lakes - Sebha
Sebha - Tripoli
Tripoli - Frankfurt
Frankfurt - London
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